Phenüm is a French artistic label, based in Brest, that creates limited edition clothing and accessories.

In 2009, Ific de Orestis decides to shed light on his friends’s talents and establishes Phenüm, which has become, through years of collaborations, a great family made of illustrators, painters, musicians, designers and photographers, immersed and involved in a large panel of subcultures (music, skateboarding…) and joyfully embracing various lifestyles.

Their products are born under the sign of graphic and artistic experimentation, without restraint, without disguise, and most importantly without censorship : always in pursuit of rarity and the right aesthetic. Their clothes are made with love, mainly in Europe, printed and hand-numbered in France, in order to offer a remarkable quality and a product based on craftsmanship.

Around 30 artists take part in this adventure, making it a permanent discovery of new talents (and an exploration of new horizons) and putting together exhibitions, festivals and micro-labels.

To spread their creativity, they unite under the colors of one flag : a prism marked with a P, symbolizing the way their influences are refracting and multiplying into infinite rays. To get their message across the world; they have one slogan : Just We Are. A nod to their uncompromising attitude.

Phenüm develops some capsule collections of works made exclusively in France, some of them being inevitably inspired by their breton legacy.

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