« VANITY » t-shirt by P.A.THORNTON

Nous sommes ravi de vous présenter  ce t-shirt VANITY réalisé en collaboration avec Paul Alexander THORNTON.

Un somptueux hommage rendu au génial Maurits Cornelis ESCHER.

M.C. Escher était un dessinateur graveur Hollandais disparu en 1972. Tout le monde a croisé un jour l’une ou l’autre de ses oeuvres associant perfection d’exécution et imagination, abusant de nos sens visuels, jouant avec notre raison, inventant de nouvelles représentations spatiales, de nouveaux mondes et de fausses perspectives qui n’existent que par le dessin.

Paul Alexander Thornton, fantastique artiste anglais dessinant la plupart du temps au stylo Bic, se réapproprie l’un des dessins légendaires de Escher « Humanity » pour en faire un « Vanity » mêlant têtes de mort épluchées et prismes dispersés dans une finesse du détail remarquable.

Plus d’infos sur P.A THORNTON : www.paulalexanderthornton.com

« I’m from Hastings/Rye, East Sussex and currently living in South London.
I’ve always loved drawing, it’s all I did as a child and never did any school work really this was the only thing other than music that interested me as a little boy now I’m just in the habit of playing guitar and drawing everyday. I was really inspired by anime when I was a kid about 10 years old, all I wanted to do was draw cartoons. Then as I matured I started to get into more serious, you could say academic, drawing practises, still life, nudes, portraits, landscapes and things like that. I stopped for a while, then when I was about 16 or 17, after I finished school, I

began to spend a lot of time getting stoned listening to trippy music and drawing the most detailed things I could I was really into photorealism for a while and eventually broke free from that quite limited ‘genre’ of drawing guided by the influence of David Hockney’s work, I made a lot of portraits inspired by Hockney that mixed photorealism usually on the face of the subject with naive, colourful work on the bodies. From here I went through a natural evolution from portraits to psychedelia inspired by Aphex Twin (and other quite abstract electronic music) and the idea of synesthesia (a condition where senses overlap) I’ve dabbled in cubism a fair bit and love Picasso, but am currently in a phase of adoring tattoos, and amazing tattoo artists like Thom Hooper and Kat Von D. »

T-shirt blanc chiné limité à 100 exemplaires dans le monde, sérigraphié, numéroté en France et disponible sur notre eshop ici